Friday, June 8, 2012

Take a Walk Through My Gardens...

I take a walk through my gardens every day just to check on everything and make sure there are no pests or major problems that need my immediate attention.  I have four gardens at the moment.  An herb garden, a chicken food garden, the ground garden and the garden that makes up the roof of my chicken coop (also known as an eco roof).

Staked cherry tomato plant and one of the pepper plants in
the herb garden.

Almost everything is doing well.  My pumpkin experiment in the area that the meatie pen was in failed.  I planted one pumpkin plant there as a test and it didn't take it long to bite the dust.  I also planted peppers, sage, three of my tomato plants and some merigolds in that type of soil with no problems what so ever.  In fact, they are all doing VERY well.  There's a lot of little green tomatoes on that cherry tomato plant!  I guess you don't always have to let chicken poo meld for six months when using it for fertilizer.

We have a pepper!

That's the pepper plant on the other side of that unruly tomato plant.  Do you see it?  It's the first week of June and I'm already seeing peppers!  I think I can say thank you to the meatie chicken pooh fertilizer for these little blessings.

Now we can go look at the chicken food garden...

Table Queen Acorn Squash in the Chicken Food Garden

Table Queen Acorn Squash.  How beautiful is that plant?  There's nine of these and they are all getting their male blooms.  The chickens are going to have such a wonderful treat with these!  By the end of winter they will be like "Acorn squash AGAIN?!?"  From the looks of these plants, this is going to be an excellent harvest.

Table Queen Acorn Squash, Black Oil Sunflowers and Tomatoes

Here we have some of the black oil sunflower seeds in the front.  I got about a 35% to 40% germination rate out of the seeds that I planted for those.  Thing is, they were packaged as bird seed.  My mother gave me a hand full (or two) of them to try out.  I'm VERY pleased with the result because there are over a dozen of these sunflowers growing in the chicken food garden.

This garden is trimmed with six tomato plants.  The Lemon Boy is already sporting yellow blooms and the Charlie Chaplin plant has fully recovered from the meatie onslaught that it suffered on their last day of free ranging.

Now we have to take a walk through the white clover in the grass to get to the coop garden and the ground garden.  

Beautiful White Clover

   Most people consider this white clover an undesirable addition to their lawn.  Personally, I encourage it to grow in my back yard for one reason:

Hello Honey Bee!

If you look inside that red circle, you'll see it.  A honey bee.  Honey bees are necessary for proper pollination in the garden.  I encourage the honey bee to visit my yard as much as possible.  The problems with the honey bee population is another reason why I don't use pesticides.  Pesticides kill honey bees even if that's not the intended target.  I'm so happy that the bees like to visit my yard!

The Ground Garden
 The ground garden doesn't look like much this time of year until you look a little bit closer...

Onions and Yellow Squash
The yellow squash is doing well.  There are a lot of male blooms already and I can't wait to see the female blooms appear so I know that squash harvest is right around the corner!  There's some nice size onions in this row already too.  I planted a lot of onions this year as fillers.

This is our six rows of corn.  It is doing great!  I will be doing some cleanup between the rows sometime in the next few days.  I know some of you are thinking that I need to get all of those "weeds" out.  Thing is, to me those aren't weeds.  A weed is a plant growing in a place where it's not wanted.  The clover and other plants growing in the corn are putting nutrients back into the soil to feed the corn.  Especially the clover.  I'll leave the clover alone completely and will thin the rest out but I won't do completely away with them.

The bush beans are doing well too!
These are the same type of beans that my mother and grandmother planted in their gardens.  There are two rows of these beans and they are taking off nicely.  There will be enough beans for canning as well as feeding us all summer long.

Last change for Watermelon!
This is one of nine of the Orangeglo watermelons left.  These were replants after the tree rats destroyed the ones I had started indoors.  I'm hoping that three of the plants make it but I'm not holding my breath here.

I <3 Mammoth Sunflowers!

Last but not least in the ground garden we have mammoth sunflowers.  These will be great for human snacking or chicken snacking.  They get about 12' tall and will be beautiful once they bloom!

Now for a quick look at the coop garden!

Yep, there's a garden on the roof of the chicken coop!
There was one failure on the eco roof.  The wild strawberry plants that I transplanted pooed out and died.  I expected them to make it.  The one thing that I didn't expect to make it were the three sugar pumpkin plants that I put up there but as you can see, they are doing quite well.  This experiment with sugar pumpkins has taught me that they don't like good soil.  In fact, I think the crappier the dirt is, the more they like it.

There are 2 more pumpkin plants that I've kept in old plastic Halloween pumpkin buckets that are doing very well too.  I'm hoping for a decent pumpkin harvest for the chickens to have something awesome to eat and we can have a few nice pumpkin dishes this fall and winter.  Yay for sugar pumpkins!

Of course since I was back there clicking photos, the girls were curious about what I was doing and came up to say hello and see if I had any food.  Well... they were probably just wanting to see if I had any food.  The white one in the front left is actually Curry.  Curry and Piccata have finally caught up with the rest of the group size wise.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk through my gardens!  Hopefully next month I'll be showing you photos of beautiful tomatoes, sunflowers that are taller than I am and other beauties from my back yard.

Happy Friday my friends!




  1. Lanie,

    Thanks for the trip through the garden. Glad to see so many things are doing well. Your thumb is so green I am going to start calling it a martian.

    Chris :-)

  2. Thanks Chris!

    There were a couple of failures but some of the experiments are doing great! *fingers crossed*


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