Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ready for the Fall Garden?

Fall Pumpkins!
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My brother told me that he has received an email from our main seed company that it's time to start planting for fall harvest.  This puzzled me for a couple of reasons.  It's July and it's 99 degrees outside.  The fall garden hadn't even crossed my mind until he mentioned it.

It did get me thinking about it while I was making garden vegetable soup with eggs last night.  (Which by the way is completely FANTASTIC.)  There are three planter boxes and whatever the chickens and I clean out of the ground garden available for space for a great fall garden.  Remember the hay I got earlier this year?  Well the chickens have beaten, eaten and pooped all over it enough inside their coop to make a beautiful, rich compost that will line the bottom of the raised beds this fall and for turning into the portion of the ground garden that I'll be using.
Garden Vegetable Soup with Eggs... yummy!

This summer has been utterly brutal on the garden and my sanity.  It's not the economics of it, I didn't plant the garden because I can't afford to buy food.  I planted the garden so I can eat better, non-GMO, totally organic and know exactly where my food is coming from.  There was an added, unexpected bonus too.  The exercise from the work has been fantastic.  Instead of wasting money on a gym membership, plant a large garden that will feed you for a year.  Between eating better with what you are growing and the exercise that it takes to grow it, you'll look like a million bucks by the end of the summer.

Anyway, enough of that.  I'm trying to decide what I'm going to plant for this fall.  Lettuce and sugar snap peas are a no brainer.  I also already have turnips and beets on the docket.  Kale does really well in the cold temps and is fantastic in soup so I'll probably go there too along with some carrots.  As long as there are lids on the raised beds to keep snow and frost off, I'm expecting that some of these will last way into the winter and I'm expecting the fall/winter gardens to do much better than this sucky summer has done so far.

Since I like a good experiment and some things have really paid off well, I'm going to try growing a few things indoors this winter in pots.  I have a couple of lovely bay windows in this house so why not put them to good use?  My cucumbers failed miserably this year so I'll probably pot a few of those and see what happens along with a tomato plant or two.  It might work, it might not.  I successfully grew a few potato plants in pots once even though I was told it wouldn't work.  The potatoes were really nice and tender when I went to eat them.

So it looks like there's a bit more work to do here in the next few weeks.

Today is bread day and I'm going to attempt to catch yeast again this week for bread day next week.  I was successful the last time I did it.  Unfortunately it's like one of those old electronic key chain pets.  You have to feed it, stir it and watch over it or it gets sick, obnixous and eventually dies.  I had nightmares for a week last time I caught yeast.  A big gray blob of yeasty flour was trying to kill me by covering me in it's slimy, foul smelling blob.  *shudder*  It was not a good thing.

New YouTube video... how to tell if your chicken eggs are fresh:


Happy Thursday!



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