Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Lovelies- Dishtowels and Soap Sacks

Crocheted dish cloths, a dish towel and 3 soap sacks.
Source: Lanie Ricketts
I heard about soap sacks not too long ago and wondered what the heck they were so of course I visited Google to get the answer.  They are these little bags that are crocheted or knitted out of cotton yarn.  You put a bar of soap (or left over soap pieces, I wasn't too keen on that idea) into them, tie up the top and each person uses their own soap sack until the soap is gone.  It's supposed to actually make the bar of soap last longer too with less waste.

I looked around at soap sack crochet patterns and got the jist of how they are made.  I'm a self-taught crocheter that never took the time to learn more than the basic stitches because I'm lazy that way.  I figured it out and made the first soap sack followed by two more.  One for the bathroom sink, one to send to Georgia to Sweets and one for me.  I think they are actually adorable and can see how they would actually work.

Dishtowels and dishcloths are a completely different thing.  If you have never used a cotton crocheted dishcloth, you are seriously missing out.  I know that sounds really goofy but I used my first crocheted dishcloth about 10 years ago and haven't bought one at the store since.  They are fantastic.  About once every two years I make about a dozen of them for my kitchen.  They rarely wear out but the cotton color does fade with washing so I replace them.

Dish cloth stitches.
Source: Lanie Ricketts
The soap sacks take about 30 minutes each to make, the dishcloths take about 45 minutes and a nice size dishtowel takes about 1 hour, 15 minutes to make.  It's time but since they never wear out, the time is worth it.  Back when I watched television, I would sit on the couch watching a show with the hook in my hand working on one.

If you crochet or are wanting to learn how to, these are also good little projects to learn on.  Since I'm not one to reinvent the wheel, you can take a look at this article on learning to crochet.  Poke around and look at the links too.  It will teach you the basics.

For a nice soap sack pattern, I suggest this one.

For a dishcloth, try this one.

Or, you can just do what I do.  Chain 33 stitches with a size K crochet hook, count back three and do the double crochet stitch back and forth for 14 rows.  Switch to a border color and double crochet once all the way around for the border.  It's easy, I'm telling ya.  :)  Once you have made your first one and have used it, you'll make more because these things are fantastic.

BUT... if you aren't into sitting down and learning to do these, you can buy them on Etsy.  There's over 4,000 to choose from with the dishcloths.  You can see them here.

There's over 100 soap sacks to choose from.  You can see them here.

Oh, and I picked up one of the Knifty Knitter looms.  I'll show you what all I have made with it in another post.  It's surprisingly quick and I'm planning on getting more of them over the next few weeks.  Winter is coming and I love knitted scarves, hats and mittens.

It donned on me last night while I was working on the soap sack for Sweets.  I was trying to decide if I am frugal, cheap or domesticated.  I think I'm going to go with domesticated... this time.  :)

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