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Flea Market Finds- Vintage Hay Hooks and What to Do With Them

What to do with vintage hay hooks?
Source: Lanie Ricketts, CC-BY,
Sweets was home last weekend so we visited the flea market in Bargersville, IN early Sunday morning to see what we could knock off of our "need/want to get" list.  We aren't collectors of anything really.  Everything that we were looking at was actually going to be used for the original intended purpose.  At least that was my original intention.

One vendor had a lot of old canning jars made from blue glass.  I love those jars, but I'm not a collector.  I actually use them for canning so the price has to be just right in order for me to buy them and at $3.00 each, they weren't cost effective for canning.  He had a green one too.  I didn't even know canning jars came in green.  When I asked him how much it was and he said 75, I actually had to ask if he meant dollars or cents.  It was dollars so I put it down and walked away.  Geesh!  I'll stick to buying my canning jars at the auction where I can get a couple dozen for a buck or two.  I don't need them but they are nice to have around if you can get them for the right price.

Sweets looked at a few axes but the heads were so chipped up on them all that they would have been a pain to sharpen.  At $10 or more asking price each, it makes more sense for us to just buy a new one.  An ax will come in handy for splitting wood for the fireplaces in the winter so I've added it to the shopping list and when we find the right one, we'll buy it.

We finally found a vendor that had a nice collection of vintage farming hand tools.  Sweets and I will eventually need a set of hay hooks and they will come in handy this winter when I'm winterizing the chicken coop.  I bought a set for $5.00, which I thought was a fair price since they are still in VERY usable condition.  I also ended up buying an 8 inch iron skillet from another vendor for $3.00.  The hooks and the skillet were the only things we purchased during that trip.  It was a bit disappointing to say the least but we did have a good time just walking along together from booth to booth.  Usually we are one of the vendors so shopping was a rare treat indeed.

Vintage hay hooks doubling as coat hooks!
Source: Lanie Ricketts, CC-BY,
The hay hooks laid on the kitchen table for a few days until they would eventually make their way to the garage when I decided to wander downstairs.  I cleaned and re-seasoned the skillet and turned around to pick up the hooks and make the trip to the garage when I had a thought and a picture in my head.  I think it was a moment of genius, but then again, that's just me.  :)

Why not use them as coat hooks when they aren't being used for tossing straw or hay?

The idea has worked so far and I love the fact that these hooks now have a dual purpose.  A life of helping me carry hay and straw bales... and a life of doubling as coat hooks hanging on the wall this winter holding my work coat, lunch bag and work ID necklace.  Fantastic and I love it!

The nails holding the two hay hooks are from the old privacy fence that was torn down in the back yard.  I drilled holes in the wall just large enough for the nails to go through and hold the hay hooks.  Our walls are plaster in this house and I don't want to damage them.  You NEVER, EVER hammer anything into a plaster wall!

I'm excited for Sweets to see these "new" hooks!  I put them in the hallway by the door that we use to enter and exit the house so they are in the perfect location.  The nails match perfectly and the hooks can be easily removed for use as their actual intended purpose since they are just hanging on a nail.

Yep.  Personally I think it was a moment of genius.  And yes, I am breaking my arm patting myself on the back for this one.  It's amazing how something so small can make me so damn happy.  :)

If you want to create your own hay hook coat hanger but don't want to make the trip to the flea market to try and find a vintage set, you can get a few here:

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