Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Muggy, Humid Trip to the Wednesday Indianapolis Farmer's Market... and a Quick Garden Update

Indianapolis Farmer's Market.  Lanie Ricketts, CC-BY 2.0
It's unanimous.  Sweets and I both really like going to the Farmer's Market on Wednesdays.  It appears that we have a new Wednesday ritual of sorts going on now.  Wake up, get dressed, go to the market then come home and have breakfast.  I'm really starting to like Wednesdays.
This week's trip had two things on the agenda.  Meat and onions.  I know what you are thinking... "Lanie, didn't you plant onions this year?"  Yes, I did and they are beautiful right now but I'm leaving them in the ground until they are as large as I want them to be.  I'll pull mine once the fresh ones from the Farmer's Market aren't available anymore or when fall arrives.  

Last week we purchased two pounds of sausage from Red Barn Farms and as soon as we came home, Sweets started asking me to make sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast.  The sausage was excellent.  I was surprised that there wasn't a whole lot of fat but there was just enough to cook the flour in to make a successful and very tasty sausage gravy.  We are "try it before you buy into it" kinda people, even though we know if it's fresh, it's going to be good and if it's good, we will always buy more.  This really was a no brainer.  Especially after we tasted it.

Here is what we bought at the market today:

Farmer's Market purchases today.  Lanie Ricketts, CC-BY 2.0

2 purple hollyhock plants for the front flowerbed, 1 fennel plant (because I've never grown fennel and I'm curious about it), 1 package of Amish cinnamon caramel pecan rolls, 1 bunch of 3 onions.  From Red Barn Farms we bought 2 ribeye steaks, 1 pound of bacon, 1 pound of jowl bacon, 1 pound of beef liver, 2 pounds of breakfast sausage.  From Tyner Pond Farm we did our "try before you buy" of one pound of hamburger.

This is more than enough meat to last us the week and their prices are excellent compared to what you would buy at the grocery store.  I'm excited to try the beef liver because I absolutely LOVE it.

Cinnamon Rolls Lanie Ricketts CC-BY 2.0
Sweets attacked the cinnamon rolls soon after we came home.  I asked him if he liked them and his eyes lit up so I knew the answer before he even opened his mouth.  He said they are excellent and that I need to learn how to make them.  I'm eating one right now as I sit here writing this and I have to say, he's right.  They are really good.

If you are ever at the Indianapolis Farmer's Market, look for the Amish woman with the v-e-r-y long table and that's where you'll find these and they are worth every penny.  She also has other baked goods along with fresh vegetables.

Tonight's dinner will be hamburgers made with the meat from Tyner Pond Farm.  Simple and easy to give us an idea on the flavor of the beef.  We were originally going to do the ribeye steaks but since the weather isn't cooperating and I'm not willing to rock, paper, scissors with Sweets to see who gets to split the wood for the fire in the grill, we are going to wait but I will let you know how we cooked them and what the final results are for everything that we make from what we purchased today.  Since he's home now for good and in charge of all the manly things around here which means I don't have to mess with it anymore, I have more time to breathe and more time to spend here with you.  Don't you just feel lucky?  HA!

The reason why we didn't purchase more produce this time?  It is because by the end of next week, I'm probably going to be up to my chin in green beans and tomatoes.  It is because I planted 8 broccoli plants that are consistently giving me at least a pound of broccoli a week, I've already frozen some of it to eat after the season is over.  We have a LOT of lettuce, are still getting radishes and I froze some of the kale that we bought last week so we can eat it anytime.  We also still have 2 pints of green beans that I canned and other misc. vegetables laying around that we need to eat.  Buying more right now just doesn't make any sense for us.

Tomatos Lanie Ricketts CC-BY 2.0
Staking out the tomatoes is at the top of my to do list right now.  It will be a pretty quick project but wow, there's a lot of tomato plant there and they all have quite a few green fruits hanging on them.  The cherry tomatoes that were originally 3 plants have increased in number to 9 because of the 6 babies that I found that were left over from last year's plant. 

I asked Sweets if he had ever seen a "plethora" of anything in his lifetime.  He just looked at me kinda funny and I told him that if he hasn't, he's going to this year and it's going to be in cherry tomatoes.

Green Beans Lanie Ricketts CC-BY 2.0

Or, considering all of the itty bitty beans growing on our two different varieties of green bean plants, it might also appear in beans at my house.

Cucumber Blooms Lanie Ricketts CC-BY 2.0
Or, it may come in the form of cucumbers.  Excitement gets the better of me sometimes and I have a tendency to take the phrase "go big or stay home" too literally on occasion.  I see a lot of pickles in my future and will probably have to institute a rule that you are not allowed to leave my house unless you take a jar of
them with you.  I wonder if anyone would be upset because of that?  Anyone?

The gardens are doing fantastic.  Zeus and the girls are extremely happy that it's not 100 degrees in July and the idiot twins are... well... they are still just idiots.  Sweets and I are just hanging around inside the house.  He's getting reacquainted with his recliner and I'm waiting for the storm to pass so I can make a run to Target.

I hope everyone has a great, stormy, rainy Wednesday!

I'll "see" you soon.



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