Saturday, September 7, 2013

Being the Spudward...

This dog is the Spudward.  This dog has no real idea how lucky he is.  Right now, this dog needs a bath because he literally smells like Fritos.  This dog's day will not close on a fantastic note because he hates baths but he is SO getting one this evening. 

He's well fed (better than some people eat).  He has a collection of racquet balls, his green stuffed dinosaur, an authentic US Army crotch protector and other miscellaneous toys to play with anytime he wants.  He has Sophie to keep him company and to play with.  Whenever he feels like running, all he has to do is drop a racquet ball into Sweets' lap and the ball is thrown for him.  When he wants his belly scratched or feels like cuddling, he comes and sees me.

He spends his afternoons lazing around.  Today Sweets is out helping a friend so the recliner in the living room is empty.  The recliner belongs to Sweets but Spudward thinks that when it is empty, it is fair game... and he loves the darn thing.

Sweets and I have been talking about replacing that chair.  I have a feeling that the Spudward would NOT be happy about it.




I guess that barking at the squirrels through the living room bay window and playing with a baby chick can wear you completely out. 

It's a rough life when you are the Spudward.  :)

Happy lazy Saturday!



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