Thursday, April 30, 2020

Hugs, Huggy, Huggles

This isn’t what I was going to post today. I changed my mind.  I seem to do that a lot lately.

I have no plans to count what day we are on in quarantine.  I think if I did that it would not set well with me.  Sometimes intentional ignorance is bliss.

No.  Not really.

We are getting really close to Mother’s Day and I havent’t hugged my mother in over 2 months.  It kills me when I see her every week to drop off their groceries.  She’s told me every time that she wants to hug me so badly. 

I miss hugs.  I’m not a huggy person but sometimes I do hug people if I consider them friends and of course, my family.  They say a person needs a minimal number of hugs each day to be happy.  In my crazy mind, I believe that.

How is my PTSD effected by hugs?  A lot of people with this disorder do not like to be touched.  For me, it depends on the situation.  If I already know you, I am more apt to hug you.  See above paragraph.  I do know that a lot of us that have this disorder are in different places when it comes to hugs.

Here's a tip, if you know that someone that has PTSD, ask them if it is OK before you hug them and don't take it personal if they say not this time.  It's probably because it's a dumpster fire day for them.  We can go from thoroughly content to completely freaked out REALLY fast.  Especially if we go into a flash back for any reason.

Right now Cory and I will have to supply each other with that minimum hug count per day.  But I have to warn everyone that I normally see on a regular basis that if I haven’t seen you since this thing started,be ready for the hug of all hugs cause it’s coming.

Happy Thursday!

*hugs* 😂


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